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    Camera Embedded OCR

    Smartphone ANPR

    ANPR Remote Server

    Speed Measurement


    Parking / Access Control

    Red Light Enforcement



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Vaxtor Systems Awarded Best Boeing R&T Europe Software Supplier 2011

High performance OCR technology, ANPR products and solutions for the most challenging scenarios

Company Highlights

El Corte Inglés, the biggest department store group in Europe and ranks fourth worldwide choses VaxALPR as the new license plate recognition system for its shopping centers
Barcelona City Services: Movicity and BSM chose VaxALPR license plate recognition system for Smartphone LPR service provision in regulated service parking controllers
VaxALPR embedded in AXIS cameras released!

New VaxALPR product ready for AXIS Artpec 4 and 5 chips. Analytics 100% running in the camera, OCR hits rate same as PC’s version with multi-country support. Results published through the network under VAPIX/Onvif protocols or open proprietary format

All products made with our own OCR engine

VaxALPR products have been developed using license plate recognition technology VaxALPR OCR Engine

Fast, reliable and portable technology... the video clip to the right shows up VaxOCR engine running in onboard scenario with OCR computing cycles below 40 ms and accuracy rate around 98% with multi-country support and 1.3 Mpix video frames.

Products Overview

VaxALPR for PC... powerful and complete ANPR software built on top of VaxOCR Engine to analyze one more OCR cameras simultaneously
VaxALPR Smartphone convert your mobile device into a ANPR scanner. Full OCR technology in mobile platforms to bring you superior OCR accuracy
VaxALPR On Camera is the VaxOCR Engine itself embedded inside AXIS camera processor. Taking OCR technology optimization to the maximum to get awesome results under this platform
VaxALPR Remote Server provides you huge ANPR throughput to perform centralized OCR analytics on still images coming from many sources simultaneously
VaxALPR iSpeed is the stop two gaps with one bush product… ANPR + vehicle speed calculation all in one. Analytics available to measure both average and instantaneous vehicle speed

Solutions Overview

VaxALPR Acceso provides quick and safe ANPR access control functionality on vehicles through its powerful Helix-5 management server. Both VaxALPR for PC and VaxALPR On Camera can be plugged into Acceso software
VaxALPR Red-Light is a system for detecting and recording vehicles which ignore red traffic lights. It provides conclusive evidence for penalties


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